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We know how creative our young people are in Stevenage! And that it's great to get together and find like-minded folks to be creative with! So this group is for YOU - a space to meet, connect and explore your creativity, individually and as a group.


We hope that over time you'll be able to make lots of things happen with us at Junction 7 Creatives...

The group is run by the wonderful Sam and Charlie Jones, who have been a big part of Junction 7 Creatives from the beginning. It's hosted each Tuesday at Geek Retreat, Stevenage - since we know this is already a popular place for arty teenagers - with regular visits to J7C.

If you're interested, please just pop along, or contact us in whatever way works for you.

This group is particularly welcoming to and inclusive of neurodiverse young people and those who may experience anxiety in social situations. Come and be who you are!

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