Junction 7 Creatives C.I.C.

Marilyn Comparetto, Geraldine Strohm and John Prebble who are the Directors of the Company, bring with them not only their enthusiasm but also their experience that has been gained across the delivery of the 'arts' over a number of years.  Over the past two years they have become actively involved with the Arts and Heritage Strategy, driven by Stevenage Borough Council and it was out of this involvement that the Junction 7 Creatives C.I.C. (J7Cs) has been formed.

Stevenage Borough Council, Stevenage Re-Imagined and Junction 7 Creatives C.I.C will continue to actively work together to bring a wealth of artistic and cultural activities to be enjoyed by not only the residents within the town but also the surrounding villages over the coming years.



Marilyn Comparetto is an artist and the owner of ART @ MG – Mardleybury Gallery in Datchworth. Marilyn has recently been with working with the local communities with the goal of enabling all sectors of society to have a wider access to art, this has been facilitated by using the Gallery when it is closed to the general public.  With an experience in running and managing art workshops, curating art exhibitions and delivering art competitions, Marilyn will be working with Junction 7 Creatives to open up wider opportunities for participation in the arts. www.mardleyburygallery.co.uk  https://www.marilyn-jane-comparetto-artist.co.uk

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Geraldine Strohm is a community connector, wearing many hats. She is a creative with a background in dance and hat design. She plans to personally run a number of workshops, including home education workshops that use creative tools, such as film (Literacy through Film, with the home education Into Film Club), textile design workshops (a community creating comfort bags for patients and families of The Lister Hospital's East & North Herts Hospitals Charity), and an ambition to run workshops toward Rotary Youth Competitions, i.e. Young Photographer, Youth Speaks, Young Artist, etc.


John Prebble is a creative producer with a specialism in and passion for the written and

spoken word. He moved to Stevenage two years ago and is excited by the many

creative possibilities of the town and its people. John fundamentally believes in the

power of creativity to transform our lives and communities, and in the power of artists to

inspire change and delight in everyone. John was previously Relationship Manager at

Arts Council England (South East Area), supporting a wide range of artists and

organisations to secure funding and pursue their ambitions, and he has also been Chief

Executive at New Writing South. He is currently a trustee and a producer of The Poetry

Exchange - exploring the idea of Poems as Friends - as well as a Relational Dynamics

1st qualified coach.

www.thepoetryexchange.co.uk  www.johnprebble.net