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Marilyn Comparetto has a portfolio of work that spans over a period of 48 years, earlier works consisted mainly of wildlife but over the years her portfolio has widened to include abstract, portrait, still life and landscape paintings.  Marilyn has experience in providing a variety of art workshops for different age groups that will either to build confidence and ability for beginners or to explore different mediums for the more experienced.

Amongst the workshops that will be offered, but not limited to, are the following:


Small Steps - for children aged between 5 and 10 years old that takes the children on a journey of discovery using acrylic paints on canvas. Prior to the workshop Marilyn will prepare a drawing on each canvas as a template for the children to work on so that more time can be spent on learning how to mix the colours and apply the paint. 

Understanding the Foundations - for children between the ages of 11 and 14 years old, and also adults, offering an opportunity for a more structured teaching using water-colours, oils, acrylics or mixed media over a variety of styles including abstract, mixed media, still life, wildlife  and landscape painting.


Focused - for young people and adults offering a variety of workshops designed to work with any specific medium and style at any one time.

One to one teaching - for all ages. These lessons are built around the individual needs of each student.


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