Making your very own

Dream Jar!

What is a Dream Jar?

We all have hopes, dreams and inspiration for the future but sometimes these ideas get lost or forgotten on our way through life's journey....

A Dream Jar is somewhere physical that you can write down and store these ideas on a pieces of paper so that every now and then you can go back and remind yourself of the goals you set.

Below are three examples of how you can approach this idea.....firstly there is video with Marilyn Comparetto demonstrating showing how you can create a Dream Jar using whatever you have available whether its craft materials or things found at home. Below the video there are some templates and photographs of other amazing ideas you can use too, including a paper only version of the idea.

Give it a go and when you have finished we would love to see your work, simply take a photograph and attached it to an email with your details and perhaps also with a story around the Dream Jar you have created, to:

Lily's decorated Dream Jar.jpg
Dream jar instructions.jpeg

Here are some more brilliant ideas below:

This first one is a beautiful Dream Jar that has been created by Lily Strohm aged 12 years old - see the instructions and poem on the left.... you can make one too!

Screenshot 2020-06-10 at 16.10.51.png
Lily's decorated Dream Jar.jpg
Download the above 'My Dream Jar Template here.

Print off this Dream Jar below and write down your hopes and

dreams - see this brilliant example by John.

Dream jar template.jpeg
Dream jar - poem.jpeg
Download 'My Dream Jar Template here.