The latest art exhibition at the Boxfield Gallery -
a collaboration between Junction 7 Creatives and the Gordon Craig Theatre

Trevor Herbert started painting in his early forties, having tried various arts and crafts such as Engraving, Photography and Carving.

He started with Watercolours, concentrating mainly on Landscapes. In 2000, after developing cubital tunnel syndrome (nerve entrapment at the elbow), Trevor created his own form of Digital Art, producing wildly inventive, surrealist images using Photoshop and PaintShopPro.

Trevor has exhibited across Hertfordshire and has recently been working closely as an associate artist with Junction 7 Creatives. Trevor's involvement with Junction 7 Creatives has spurred on this new wave of artworks, created out of a period of intense emotional upheavel.

Trevor tries to convey emotions and feelings in his pictures, incorporating the human body and the natural elements in unexpected ways.

His influences are Salvador Dali and Pablo Picasso.

His work can be found on Facebook, (Herberts Art) Instagram (@herberttrevor) and Red Bubble (Trevor Herbert)

'In My Mind's Eye' runs from 6th May - 8th July at the Boxfield Gallery, the Gordon Craig Theatre, Stevenage. All artworks are available to purchase via venue staff.