Laughter Yoga


Laughter is a Serious Business!

Transform your Personal/Business/Organisational performance using the scientifically proven tool; Laughter Yoga.

Learn the techniques to Laugh for No Reason.
Not comedy or humour, Laughterline Training is for anyone. It starts as an exercise- using childlike playfulness and leads to real hearty belly laughter.
Laughter exercises+yogic breathing= increased oxygen= more energy, creativity and positivity.
The body gets the same benefits from 'Fake' as with 'Real' laughter, so...
Fake it, 'til you Make it!

Laughter Yoga was originally set-up by a medical Doctor; Dr Madan Kataria, in Mumbai, India, in 1995, with 5 people in the park. Now thousands practice the techniques and reap the benefits across 65+ countries.

The Laughterline offers a combination of Laughter Yoga techniques with years of Professional Life Coaching, Training and Mentoring for both Individuals and groups, Schools, Care Homes, etc.

Laughterline offers Professionally qualified Life Coaching and Laughter Yoga Leadership, with packages tailored to your Business or Individual needs.

Laughterline offers 25+ years of Results driven Coaching, Mentoring & Managerial experience within Retail, Fitness, Design, Business, Laughter Yoga, etc. Geraldine (Gerry) Strohm is a Professional Coach, Educator, Public Speaker, Laughter Yoga Leader, etc.

Contact Gerry@ for further details on:-
'Laughterline for Business'
Tailor made packages...Weekend Seminars, ...Workshops,...Breakout Sessions within Conferences, etc.

'Laughterline for me'
Individual sessions, small groups, one to ones, etc.

'Laughterline Clubs'
Regular meetings to ensure prolonged Benefits, Social Networking, Business Forums, Etc.

'Laughterline Public Speaking', etc.

Don't forget:-

"People Who Laugh Together,
Work Together!"
John Cleese

Release those Endorphins &
... Have a Ha Ha Happy Day!