Junction 7 Creatives CIC has been very fortunate to have sponsors for our work in the community and so here are some fascinating details around how they have supported us and what their companies do:

One of our first sponsors has been a company called 'all about framing' and they have very generously donated 50% of our STAS gallery hanging system.  This will help towards the smooth running and ease of an ever changing art exhibition environment in which we hope that you will become part of!  Many, many thanks to 'all about framing' from Junction 7 Creatives and Stevenage town residents!!

To find out more about what they do please read below and also if you have time visit their website.


At All About Framing we manufacture over 12,000 bespoke frames per year at our state of the art facility in High Wycombe. Whether for a Picasso or child's drawing each frame is carefully planned, monitored for quality and given the same attention to detail by our team of skilled framers.


All About Framing is exactly what it says on the tin. We have decades of knowledge and the resources to frame in a way that suits you.


What can we offer you?

  • Make your own frames with our framing tools and materials

  • Build frames at home using our Chop & Router service for mouldings

  • Select a Hanging System to display your work

  • Learn to frame on our courses (COVID Permitted)

  • Start or grow your business with our Complete Trade Framing service for 10+ frames per week.


Come and visit our website at www.allaboutframing.com