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Only Connect

Art on telecomms cabinets around Stevenage

Caroline Nelson artwork.jpeg

Artist Caroline Nelson with her first finished telecomms cabinet!

Over 2024-25 you will see some amazing artworks come to life on Openreach and Virgin Media fibreoptic cabinets around Stevenage...

We are working with Stevenage Borough Council and some very talented local artists to transform these ubiquitous structures around our town...

Keep your eyes peeled and if there's a cabinet you'd like us to consider painting, get in touch!

P.S. we call the project 'Only Connect' after the sculpture by Angela Godfrey in St Nicholas, which itself honours the line from E.M. Forster's 'Howards End'. We felt it was appropriate for these fibreoptic cabinets, which are filled with thousands of connecting cables. Each artist will respond to the theme of 'connection' in their own way...

Only Connect sculpture by Angela Godfrey

Only Connect sculpture by Angela Godfrey

The Only Connect project is funded by Stevenage Borough Council as part of a series of approaches to brightening up our town and creating positive alternatives to tagging in the public realm.

This project, along with Covid the Cobra, Pride in the Hyde and more all form part of Junction 7 Creatives' growing work developing and creating public art in various locations around Stevenage.

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