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Pride in the Hyde

We've been having a wonderful time creating some Pride in the Hyde!

Creating a 'Pride bench' in this well-used Shephall shopping centre was the idea and inspiration of the phenomenal Katie, who is shining so much rainbow-light around Stevenage and North Herts.

It was supported with love and conviction by local Councillors Sarah Mead and Rob Broom - enormous thanks to you both and the Community Development team at Stevenage Borough Council.


The bench was painted with great love and care by the absolute local art hero - and Junction 7 Creatives Co-Director - Liam Manson.

It is a place, a space, for YOU to sit and relax, chat and enjoy…whoever you are…wherever you find yourself on the rainbow or over it.

In Februrary 2024 we're hoping to mark LGBTQ+ History Month with a series of relaxed photos on and around the bench. Get in touch if you’d like to be part of celebrating #PrideintheHyde and beyond…

This project, along with Covid the Cobra, Only Connect and more all form part of Junction 7 Creatives' growing role in developing and creating public art in various locations around Stevenage.

Pride Community Flag made by J7C & friends

The Pride Communty flag created by members of Junction 7 Creatives & friends with Kinetika during 2022.

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